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Glass Table Tops

Show Off Your Style with Custom Glass Tabletops

Custom glass tabletops can come in any shape and size. The most common, of course, are those that rest atop a coffee table, desk, or even a dining table.

This protects your furniture, artwork, or artifact from scratches, spills, and stains, while keeping its polished look for years and years to come.

That’s why, when it comes to turning your antique table or artifact into a high quality glass table, we take great care in choosing the right glass for your needs.

Over the past 2 decades, we have come across, cut and installed tabletops in just about any shape and size imaginable…and even some not so imaginable! From glass design to hardware support, material thickness to visual tint, we are here to assist with all your needs.

Custom Glass Tabletop
Custom Glass Tabletop

Custom Cut Glass

Custom Cut

Just like custom table tops, we have assisted with quite a variety of custom cuts of glass for other projects.
Some are functional, while others are purely decorative. For some, this might include custom cut specialty glass to hang on a wall, or to provide some sort of protective barrier to keep kids, pets and the like visible but safe. For others, perhaps it is some sort of railing, or glass shelves to enhance a book case, china cabinet, or even to display fine wine bottles! We have designed and built glass wine displays that are in natural indoor temperatures, as well as for storage and display in a chilled environment.

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Serving Houston for 25 years
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