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Frameless Glass Shower Door Enclosures

Looking for that sleek, custom look?

Absolute Glassworks is more than just a Houston glass company. We pride ourselves on providing the best solutions for your glass project needs.

Customized Glass Shower Enclosures To Enhance Your Home

Your shower should be a place of peace and relaxation. It may be where you wake up in the morning, de-stress after a long day of work, or calm your whole body down before bed.

It may even be where you go to find your next big idea. Beyond the shower’s basic function, however, a well-designed shower can enhance your physical experience. A shower that matches the design of your bathroom, such as one of our glass shower enclosures, can provide a great sense of balance and peace of mind.
Houston Absolute Glassworks‘ glass shower enclosures are custom made to enhance your home, and provide you a temporary get-away from the world outside the shower door.
We put a lot of thought into choosing the right enclosures for your home and are happy to assist our customers in picking the one that’s best for them.

Learn more about our Frameless Glass Shower Designs in the Houston, TX area.

Frameless Shower

Frameless Shower

The frameless style, or “look”, has grown in popularity because it complements many different bathroom themes and designs. If you want a sleek look, a frameless shower door makes a great addition. Plus, you can enhance this sophisticated look with not just the glass door, but also with one of our frameless glass shower enclosures.

This style works especially well if you want to create a more open feel to the bathroom. If your bathroom is small a glass shower enclosure will give the appearance of having more room in the bathroom. If privacy is a concern, frosted or glazed glass can also be used instead of clear glass. For more ideas on how a frameless shower from Houston Absolute Glassworks can improve the look of your bathroom, check out Houzz.

Framed Aluminum

This is a modern style to spruce up the bathroom. The glass panels are placed within a durable aluminum frame.
This can really add adds flair to your shower with an eclectic industrial look. We personally love it, and believe this style would go great in a studio or city apartment bathroom, but it can also accent a residence just as well.
Frameless Shower Enclosures

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