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What better way to provide safety in a commercial or industrial environment than with glass specifically made for such environments! Why glass? Keeping a warehouse, factory floor, or machine shop free of visual impairments can help prevent accidents. With proper design and placement of industrial glass, visual impairments can be alleviated, allowing workers and even visitors the ability to see what is going on around them. Glass can provide a safety barrier in front of machinery, and it can even deflect sound. It can "spotlight" certain areas or machinery that the business wants to showcase for visiting customers, and it can also help floor management be able to keep a watchful eye on operational activities, and even inventories where applicable. Call the glass experts at Absolute Glassworks, and we will be happy to visit with you at your place of business to discuss and recommend glass solutions designed to enhance the safety and operational functionality of your facility.


Glass solutions to help with security? Absolutely!

There are many places in which glass is used to enhance the security of ones place of business. Any facility that may be a target for crime needs all the defenses that it can! Establishments in which operational hours are 24/7, businesses that generate or handle large amounts of cash, and even those who just want a stronger access without sacrificing aesthetics - all can use industrial grade glass, be it bullet-proof, break resistant, scratch resistant, in need of natural light, etc.

Glass comes in a variety of structural strengths, innovative design, and appealing aesthetics. Call the glass experts at Absolute Glassworks at (713) 666-1930, and we will gladly discuss and recommend solutions to your specific glass needs.

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